Wouldn't it be good if you could respond more effectively to EU calls for tenders or submit projects that get attention?

Have you ever wished you had a  presence in Brussels without having to open an office there?

Our EU4U consultants help you to achieve your European aspirations. We work alongside your team to ensure that your bids are well-designed and that your projects get noticed. Take a closer look at the services we offer. EU4U The Expert Network is there for you.

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Spruce up your European profile

Accessing the European decision-making process can be complicated. We get you up to speed, and help you put your message together and present your case. 

Benefit from the same networks and information as if you were in Brussels, increase your ability to influence, without increasing costs, and become a player recognised by the European institutions.

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Writing and translation

Write, rewrite, edit, translate - impress!

Your work in Europe could mean taking a deep breath and diving into a scary unfamiliar language. We'll help you write simply and persuasively, whether it's English or French, and then get our top translators to finish the job. 

We can take responsibility for the whole thing, fine-tuning what you have to say for a Euro audience, or just give you a few pointers. Your choice.

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Your EU project

Expertise at your service

Putting a European project to bed requires a special skill set,  which is not always top priority in an organisation winning a contract.

We can step in to help plan all stages of your project so that everything goes smoothly. Or if you prefer you can turn over running just part of a contract to us.

We're easy!

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Targeted training

Our knowledge and methods could be vital to your success in the European landscape. 

Given the chance we bring your team up to speed in a very short time. What do you need?

We analyse your goals so that we can target training to your precise needs, whether it's content or your precious time and resources. 

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EU4U The Network Awakens

You can wait for years for someone to come along who can help you battle your way through the Brussels undergrowth, and then, just like London buses, three arrive together!

To launch 2016, three of the bigger names in European affairs are cementing their already fruitful alliance to create EU4U The Expert Network – a seriously talented nexus of professional heavy-hitters. 

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Our clients

You range from large private sector groups, through professional organisations and public authorities to small associations. We guarantee a personalised solution for each one of you.

Whether it's a short-term helping hand, working together in the medium or longer term, or subcontracting, we can be on your team. If you're setting out on a new European strategy, or need ongoing assistance for all your EU stuff as it arises, we're ready to work with you.

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